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Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini I admit was a bit scared after reading a few complaints about this being a Twilight derived story, but that’s only 1% part true. Ok, so we have the weird but rich family coming into town, a bunch of kids with supernatural beauty, the heroine falling for one of them but they really shouldn’t be together dilemma. But that’s really where the similarities end. Helen is a strong young woman, if a bit shy and self conscious. When she is ‘rejected’ by Luke her disappointment manifests as anger, she doesn’t just sit around her house moping for months. Helen’s attitude is like Fine then! Screw him even though it hurts me like hell and I feel like a big pile of poop. That alone made the other 99% of the story so much better for me. I like my heroines strong, not weak and depressing. Moving on.I only have one word for this story… Magic. There’s magic in the prose, in the story, in the characters, in everything. It kept me jumping up and down on my chair for hours wanting to go both faster to know more about it and slower so as to not end it too soon. Oh and have I mentioned it’s about Greek Mythology!? That just multiplies all the above factors by 10. I’ll just describe some of the scenes that I loved the most. The Furies. Oh the freaking Furies. From the moment Helen sees them in her nightmares, to when she sees the apparitions in real life it was all just f-ing awesome. The images of the three sisters all bloody, and moaning for revenge, and banging their heads against wall, and pulling their hair out…the scenes both managed to captivate me and make me shudder with their creepiness. I also liked how the weird Underworld dreams sort of tied to what was happening in her life at that moment. Another scene that captivated me was when Helen first meets Luke. It all turns into a showdown of sorts, and the scene is just so powerful! It begins with “The sky outside finally exhaled all of the wind that it had been holding for two days.” And I could just imagine it, feel it even, the whole tension first freezing then exploding around them. I held my breath the whole time as I was reading this. It was just that powerful. Finally, the lighthouse scene was one of the most romantic I’ve read in a while now. It made me feel all warm and gooey inside. All I’ll say it’s that it involves a dreamy sunset and flying ;)I like the whole Grecian tragedy the idea and how history repeats itself and that there’s nothing they can do to change their fates. Helen and Luke can’t be together because they don’t want a repeat of the Trojan War among the Houses of the descendants. They try to challenge fate, but as with all Greek tragedies that is not so easily done. Then other factors are added that made it even more impossible for them to become something. It’ll be interesting to see how Angelini works the story around that basis in the following books. She certainly knows how to throw in major omg-drop-your-jaw-and-curse scenes. And now with Helen’s discovery of her role as the Descender, the one who literally goes down to the Underworld, I will eagerly and so not patiently wait for Dreamless (May 2012)!