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A Million Suns: An Across the Universe Novel

A Million Suns  - Beth Revis A million suns stretch out beyond me, their light piercing the darkness. A Million Suns picks up three months after the events of Across the Universe. Elder is trying his best to rule the people, who are now off the numbing drug Phydus, but the dissent and trouble keep escalating. But anarchy and murder seem to be the least of Elder’s concerns as he learns from the Shippers that the engine isn’t moving them slowly across space. It’s not moving them at all. As Elder deals with his people, Amy has problems of her own. The people of Godspeed still resent her, Luthor is after her after his failed attempt at rape, and Orion is still haunting her, as he leads her on a chase across the ship searching for clues to the ultimate truth that could save them all. What Beth Revis has created here is a masterpiece. I swear that 80% of my comments while reading this were a form of “Oh, frex” because around every corner was a shocking revelation or plot twist that just blew my mind away. Amy is as brave as ever, though I still wanted to smack her flaming red-head every time she starts talking about wanting to unfreeze her parents, or about how she can’t quite forget that Elder was the one who unfroze her into the living hell that is Godspeed. Sweetheart, he didn’t do it on purpose! As you clearly saw on the video it was Orion. Another thing that really made me want to smack her is this line……but maybe if he didn’t have to care about the ship first, I could believe him when he said he cared about me.Seriously, Amy? That’s a frexing childish thing to say. Sigh… Amy is also battling the fact that she’s beginning to turn into one of Godspeed’s residents. She realizes this when she uses the word frex, a curse that’s not from Earth. (Oh, and frexing is my new favorite curse. I had forgotten it, but now I shall endeavor to use it daily.) I also thought she was being foolish about keeping Luthor’s rape attempt a secret from Elder. I know she’s strong, and brave, and I love her for all that. But seeking help in this case, would have been the smart choice. It’s also silly that right after she grills Elder about not accepting help to run the ship, she says she won’t ask for his help because she doesn’t want to be a burden. But overall, I can’t help but love Amy for her bravery, and stubbornness. I swear, that threat speech she gives to Luthor is one of the scariest things I’ve ever read. I love Amy and Elder’s arguments. Not because they’re arguing, but because it’s clear how much they care for each other. It takes a death scare to snap Amy into accepting her feelings for Elder. Gorgeous Elder (with his gorgeous long hair) is just amazing with Amy. He knows when he screws up, he knows that every screw up is just another excuse for Amy to refuse him (on the stupid basis that she doesn’t have a choice of falling in love with him because he’s the only other teenage on the ship), yet he never gives up. Sadly, I was expecting the revelation of what really was going on with the ship. I was like if this is what’s wrong, then maybe it’s not wrong but right, and if it is right for it to have done that, then maybe…I won’t spoil it. However, the last third of the book more than made up for my earlier lack of shock. The last scene on the bridge…A-Frexing-Mazing! I want to know if this will be made into a movie, because I sure as hell want to see that scene on the big screen.I loved the literary clue chase, I loved the “Oh, frex” moments, I loved how Elder dealt with everything, I loved the mystery of the murders, I loved the two pages SILENCE, and AND STARS, I loved Amy’s threat, I loved…well as you can see I loved a LOT of things. The only thing I hated was the fact that the third and last book comes out in…wait for it…January 2013…2013!? ARE YOU FREXING KIDDING ME!?