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Goddess Interrupted (Harlequin Teen)

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Calliope is fulfilling her sentence in the Underworld, spending time with the girls she killed until they forgive her. She’s still fuming about being rejected by Henry, and she wishes there was a way to get out of this punishment. Then one day a shinny fog approaches her, she turns on her family for good unleashing the terrible force of a Titan. Six months apart have created a cloud of doubts in Kate’s mind about Henry’s feelings for her. James constant reminders that she still has a choice to walk away from it, and being reminded of Henry’s lost love Persephone every way she turns are so not helping! Top it all off, Henry is as distant as ever and Kate doesn’t know how to fix it…whatever it is that’s wrong. All she wants is to be part of his life. When Henry is captured by the evil Titan Cronus, it’ll be up to Kate to rescue him, but the only one who knows the way to The Gates of Tartarus is Persephone. An exciting adventure through the Underworld, in search of the last person Kate wants help from, all to have the love of her life and the world. Interrupted Goddess will take you for a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster, that will keep you spellbound in the story until the very last page. Kate comes back stronger than ever in this thrilling sequel to The Goddess Test. She has a lot to deal with now, with her new found powers of vision, Henry being captures, Persephone back on the picture, and her doubts about Henry’s love. Kate handles it all really well, and though she goes a bit hysterical sometimes it’s understandable given the circumstances. Personally, this story hit close to home because I went through something similar. In my case, I turned out to be Persephone. So, I really admire Kate for believing and staying and giving their relationship a chance. On the other hand, Henry was his stubborn stoic self and I swear I wanted to slap him half of the time. But after all the talks Kate had with everyone, she sort of understand why Henry is the way he is. He’s lived forever and suffered innumerable losses, and he won’t trust or love easily from one day to the other. All the emotional drama between these two just reaches deep inside you, and tugs at your heartstrings.Aimee Carter does a beautiful job of illustrating the Underworld. When you hear that word, you probably think dark, dreary, and boring. But Carter’s Underworld is teeming with life and color, at least for the souls residing there. I loved how the landscapes in the Underworld changed with each soul. My favorite character there was Ingrid. She’s so smart and optimistic, and she’s there for Kate when she needed a little push to keep on fighting.Now the stage is set for the next book, and so far it’s all pretty exciting. Now Kate will go on a quest to find the help of a powerful ally, someone who can tip the balance in the upcoming war against Cronus. But Calliope isn’t done yet! And her last revenge was a nice little shock in the end! Gah! Action, adventure, love, and drama! I promise you won’t put this book down once you’ve started!