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The Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter Kate's vacation in Greece starts off with a hike through a forest in which she and James quickly become lost. Or, are they? James seems to have had his own agenda for the vacation. In the forest they meet Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins, who have been on the run from the council of gods for millennia. Apparently Kate and James's presence there has attracted too much attention, and soon enough Castor is captured and returned to the Underworld. Typical of Kate, she takes compassion on the brothers and is dead set on lifting their curse. Now all she has to do is change Zeus's mind, and hope that Henry finds it in himself to forgive the twins for escaping the Underworld. Up until now, Kate has only seen the "good" side of the gods, but now she sees they have a tendency to hold old grudges, taking them way to personal. As a newly appointed immortal, she brings a new set of eyes and ideas, like compassion and forgiveness. I love that she is brave enough to go head to head against Walter/Zeus. And she does it with sass and determination! But Kate also begins to question if she made the right decision in joining the gods. She wonders if she will be forever at odds with the council's decisions and choices. If she will have to watch from the sidelines as lives are destroyed for the sake of the council's rules. I like that this short story was told in alternating chapters between Kate and Henry. I think that if I'd read this before the second book, I wouldn't have panicked as much by Henry's seemingly indifference towards Kate. Here, he's clearly very much in love with her, and though it pains him to see her with James, he trusts her. I so wanted Kate to catch a glimpse of him! Just a tiny peek!