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Wolfsbane: A Nightshade Novel Book 2

Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) - Andrea Cremer I loved Nightshade and thought Wolfsbane would be even better, but sadly my expectations had evaporated by the fourth of fifth chapter.Calla is now in the Searchers’ stronghold, called the Roving Academy because it moves around the world. I thought that was pretty cool. Even cooler was the whole portal creating process. I really liked how it’s described. And I got answers for the whole Alchemy/Four Elements and how it all ties in with the Searchers and Keepers. But while I did appreciate the explanations I hated the fact that the story got mired down in an info dump. Just because the official scribe of the Searchers was doing all the info-dumping, did not make it OK. Also during the info dump some “secrets” were being revealed but Calla seems oblivious to it all. When Monroe talks about the last Guardian rebellion, Calla notices he’s a bit stressed and restless when he talks about Ren and his mother. He even averts his eyes and also leaves the room to avoid any more questions. But Calla would never EVER make the connection that Monroe and Ren’s mom had it going on. Seriously?Moving on. I loved all the wolf action, the tearing of limbs, the blood running :) That really made me happy. That is until the action ended. I think the basic rules in Rescue Missions 101 is you arrive, you move fast, you kill enemies, you rescue friends, and you turn around and run getting your sweet behind as far away as possible before starting up a conversation! What’s with all the stopping and introducing each other and reminiscing? For me, it didn’t make sense. I would’ve loved for an ambush and more people getting killed right then. And what’s funnier is that after all the talking and wasting time Calla says…“We needed to get out of here and Adne’s grief was slowing our escape.” Really? Because I think it was all the chit-chat you and your pals had going on there.Another thing that didn’t make sense was Calla’s sudden erratic and irrational emotions. I love Shay, I love Ren, I love Shay, I love… for &$%# sake! I thought we’d already cleared that in the first book where Calla chooses Shay renouncing everything for him to have a life of freedom by his side. But now suddenly she grows this overbearing conscience that doesn’t let her enjoy her time with Shay because she might-kinda-maybe still feels something for Ren. It would have made more sense to me if the ring Ren gave her had some kind of compulsion spell by the Keepers that made Calla suddenly remember him and desire him. But no.The ending I did not care for. Calla still doubts her feelings for Shay, she is doubting the Searchers’ intentions, as if we hadn’t just spend an entire two books proving those things. Calla even says “I didn’t choose Shay.” NO? You didn’t save his life, run off with him because he was THE ONE as in the one you loved for sure? Sigh. You can see how this review has progressed from good, to bad, to worse. Well it’s exactly how I felt when reading this book.