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My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, Book 4)

My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent Dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened in My Soul to Keep, Kaylee needs to make a decision concerning Nash. But things get a whole lot complicated when his troublemaker ex-girlfriend shows up. Jealousy is running high, chaos is overcoming the school, and teachers are dropping like flies! To save the day, Kaylee will need to work through her emotions, and get her head on straight. If only she could catch a nap without some hellion showing up!I knew this book was going to be hard emotionally. Kaylee is very conflicted with her feelings for Nash because he loves him but is unable to forgive him. Nash really needs a friend to help him get over his addiction, but Kaylee is not there for him. This is something I found really crappy of her, even if he did an ever crappier thing before. I’ve never rooted for Nash, but in this book I found myself doing so. I totally hated Sabine. She had to appear at the worst possible moment! Or maybe not…for Nash. He did need a friend, even one who kept trying to jump his bones. Anyways Sabine is a good opponent for Kaylee. She makes Kaylee fight for what she wants, showing some backbone. Again, Tod is so adorable. He actually listened to Kaylee with the extra job thing! Hmm I think I’ll order some pizza later (lol). I did agree with what he told Kaylee, about either taking Nash back or letting him go completely. It makes sense. No one wants to stand in love limbo. I also think there might be some hidden feelings behind those gorgeous blue eyes of his. I can’t wait to read If I Die, but darn it! Does anyone know if it’s coming out for the Kindle and when??