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Fate Fixed: An Erris Coven Novel

Fate Fixed - Bonnie Erina Wheeler If there is something in life I hate the most its things that waste my time. Sadly, I have to say that this book fell under the ‘wasted time’ category. The story is told both from Lexie’s and Torin’s perspective, and then a third perspective called Wolf, which we won’t get to know who it really is until the very end. I think that was the only mystery that took me by surprise, though I should’ve seen it coming. After all, the friendliest face is often the most vicious. The beginning was a classic mistake of starting a book by explaining the background, making it drag a bit. I also felt like there were too many characters being introduced and most of them were really fodder, as in no deeper purpose whatsoever than to be bodies lounging around Lexie’s world. What few interactions Lexie had with her mom only served for me to hate her. For all of Lexie complaining about her new family’s rule over her, she never actually defies them. She just goes along and quietly cries in her bedroom. Lexie says she does this to not cause trouble for her mother and make their new life easier, but really. Wouldn’t you rebel after having your stepbrothers a step away from molesting you?! Her stepbrothers are ubber creeps, especially Maxim and on occasion Alik. They’re always smelling her, and acting really possessive with her. What really freaked me out was when Maxim confessed to having spied upon her at night, watching as she slept and had arousing dream. If that wasn’t a cue to stop reading this, I don’t know what it was. My mistake was not stopping then.The supernaturals in this book were the usual. The dhamphyrs are half draugar/vampire, half human. They’re born that way and have to deal with the change and the choice when they turn eighteen. They have all the usual powers, super healing, strength, speed, etc. I imagined them as the vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which made me laugh, because when their emotions run high their face changes and they sprout fangs and change eye color. The pricolici or lycans or werewolves, whatever you want to call them, also have super powers but seem to rely heavily on their animal instincts making them pretty dangerous if a bit unhinged. When they shift they smell like sulfur. Not sure why… Lexie and Torin’s relationship felt very fake to me. I guess it was the entire “fated” thing, which apparently is code for “I’ll throw myself at the boy that has been appearing in my dreams, even though there’s something really weird about him and I don’t know ANYTHING about him”. I guess I thought Lexie would be smart enough to at least interrogate him before she gave him a tonsil checkup. Lastly, I usually don’t comment on grammatical errors because it’s very rare when I find one. And I don’t know if it was my copy (I won the PDF version in a giveaway), but it was errors galore! I feel I should point a few of them out: tail not tale, eventually not eventully, dose not does, except not accept, open not opened, altar not alter.