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The Juliet Spell (Harlequin Teen)

The Juliet Spell - Douglas Rees Getting the part of Juliet in the upcoming school play is everything to Miranda. It’s a way to honor her mother and her acting days, and maybe even a lure for her absent dad. But something goes wrong when she casts the fame spell, and suddenly she has Shakespeare’s brother Edmund in her living room! Miranda will not only have to deal with the stress of the play, but with rivalries among the cast, and the treacherous beating of her heart whenever Edmund is near. I spent my university years neck deep in English Literature, so when I saw The Juliet Spell I just had to read it. This was so much fun to read! Miranda (Miri) took me back to my high school days and those first feelings of love and jealousy. There was some depth to how these topics were approached, and I appreciated that. I’ve certainly tried the “Beatrice” approach once or twice. I laughed so hard while Miri introduced Edmund to 21st century inventions like the TV and cars. He was very charming, if a bit of a rogue, and he has a real old English accent. Who can say no to that? The last part of the book got very interesting with a couple of surprises. The opening day of the play was just beautiful. I got goosebumps from reading it, so strong was the emotion. And the ending was bitter sweet, but just right. I would totally recommend this to any teacher trying to get kids to learn about Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, and/or plays. Give them this first just for fun, and I’m sure they’ll be so much more receptive to it all. *I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*