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Die for Me

Die for Me (Revenants #1) - Amy Plum I’ve spend the last 12 hours reading non-stop to finish this. My first thought is…Who would have ever thought that zombie-like-supernaturals could look like Armani supermodels, speak three or more languages, and melt my heart leaving me in a puddle of romantic goo? I don’t have enough words to express how much I loved this novel. Captivating prose, beautiful setting (Paris~), well worked plot, interesting characters and mythology/folklore. I don’t think there is anything else I could ask for, except MORE! The whole story was just refreshing, and making the story take place in Paris, romance central, worked perfectly. The idea of the revenants, undead beings, and their purpose and abilities grabbed my attention from the start. I think it was a really well developed mythology.I really liked the character of Kate. She seemed so real to me, her hesitation at opening her heart again after losing her parents. Anyone would be afraid of loving someone after so great a loss. So it was good that even if Vincent is every girl’s dream guy, she still hesitated to let him in. She thinks everything through before making a decision, and I identified myself with her a great deal. Vincent…Ahhh Vincent. Even saying his name is frikin’ sexy. Now say it with a French accent *swoons* Even though I’m not a big fan of love at first sight, Kate and Vincent’s relationship turn out so sweet. There’s a natural/supernatural chemistry between them. He is so caring and thoughtful, and darn him does he know how to make a girl go weak at the knees with just a look or a smile. The ending just left me breathless, and even more in love with him. I loved the other revenants as well, they were all very interesting characters (especially Jules) and hope we get to know them more in the following books. I also liked the mention of other things in their world, which leaves open the possibility of other supernaturals appearing! Like I said at the start, I can only ask for MORE!