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Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs Grace Whitfield: quiet, sweet and shy. Gretchen Sharpe: tough, hardcore, and monster huntress.Greer Morgenthal: preppy, ice queen, and a fashionista. What do these girls have in common? They’re triplets! Oh well, that and they’re the descendants of Medusa! And believe me, hypnotic vision is just one of the many powers that come with their heritage. Oh! But only Gretchen knows the truth. Destiny will bring them together and they’ll have to work through their many differences to follow the Medusa legacy becoming monster huntresses and defending the world from underworld beasties. I just fell in love with the Medusa sisters! The three have such unique personalities and yet each is extremely likeable. The changing POVs didn’t bother me at all. Well ok, maybe I didn’t like Greer that much at first, but I did by the end. I absolutely want to ride the streets of San Francisco in Gretchen’s mustang Moira! Um, preferably not with her behind the wheel. Now for the boys! Thane (Grace’s brother), Milo (Thane’s friend) and Nick (Gretchen’s stalker?). There is something fishy going on with them, some secret. I just know it! Nothing is revealed, but there are subtle hints. I won’t spoil anything here but for those of you who decide to read it, be very observant of these boys. ZOMG the ending! As Grace would say, Holy goalie! That was one action packed ending and I absolutely loved it! This is another fan-freaking-tastic mythology themed YA novel. A must read for everyone! It’s too long a wait for the sequel but I’ll be counting every day until its release. The Medusa girls have just started their adventure in this first installment, and they’re sure to bring in the action (and hopefully the romance) for the next one!