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Finale (Hush, Hush)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Past experiences have made me stay away from any faery or angel related novels because I’ve always been terribly disappointed. Really good reviews and recommendations by friends were what eventually got me around to reading Hush Hush. Sadly, I can’t say that I was proved wrong. I’ll start with my disappointment, work through it and end this on a good note. First, I struggled with the narrative which at times felt like it jumped from one thing to another apparently at random. One paragraph they would be talking about something then bump a comment on another thing and the story moves on while I was left standing with questions and no answers whatsoever to the first thing. Also, while I appreciated the contribution to my vocabulary, the word sleuthing got used a bit too much for comfort. It’s an odd word and it makes you stop and think for a second, pulling you out of the already bumpy narrative. I would’ve settled simply for tracking skills, instead of the clever word. If I found the narrative bumpy, the dialogue would sometimes send me in a car crash. I believe this was one of the lines that bothered me the most…“You’ve got it bad for me” and “I’ve got it bad for you”Complete turn off. I mean, really? He’s supposed to be this dark, mysterious, tough and dangerous guy and he says that line. Sometimes cheesy can pass for cute, but not this.I also had issues with the characters. Vee was fun; she said all the things you’re not supposed to say, but as a best friend she fails. How could she doubt and question Nora every time they discussed Elliot!? BFF’s are supposed to support each other no matter what, and here is Vee siding with the new guy. Nora wasn’t the most exciting heroine. She goes on and on about how dangerous Patch is, but does everything she can to meet him or put herself in stupidly dangerous situations. I have mixed feelings about Patch and his “dark side”, but overall I liked him better than the other characters. What I did like about the story was the whole thing about fallen angels not being able to feel and having to possess the bodies of nephilim to be able to feel. That was pretty creative, but I think not sufficiently developed. And, of course, there’s the romance (I’m a sucker for romance). The scenes between Nora and Patch were really sweet…if not lusty. There are two scenes I found completely adorable: one is when he makes dinner tacos for her then corners her on the kitchen counter (Ooooh), and the other one is when he grabs her hand and she is totally freaked but he just twines their hands together and kisses her fingers. Like I said…sucker for romance. Also, Patch’s bad boy attitude was right up my alley. Now, if only Nora would shut up and go along for the ride. I will read Crescendo, which is the second book, only to see how Nora and Patch’s relationship develops.