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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3)

Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead Final year at St. Vladimir’s Academy means novice guardians get their field trials, and for the next six weeks they’ll dedicate themselves to protecting a fellow Moroi student. But for Rose Hathaway this is only one of the many troubles she has to deal with. Under lots of stress from the trials sudden fits of anger don’t seem that rare for hot headed rose, but when she starts seeing things, Rose thinks the stress is really making her crazy. Keeping secrets to protect her best friend Lissa is also taking a toll on Rose (not that she’d ever admit it). But deep down, Rose knows she’ll have to deal with that sooner or later, just as she needs to deal with her feelings for Dimitri. In the end, they can no longer deny what is true, and for once they stop thinking about what is right.I loved Rose in this book. She really is a tough girl! Having just recently lost her best friend has put a new perspective in her. Having her deal with all her issues, plus the on-going guardian trials at the same time I could see how Rose as a character had grown. This book also shows how deeply ingrained is the belief that guardians are expendable, and only the Moroi matter. It was really frustrating having Rose come back to that principle over and over again. At least she accepts that Moroi should fight along guardians, and we get to see some of that in action. I’ll just say that Moroi + Guardian = badassness of epic proportions.The end was really heartbreaking. I won’t say unexpected for me because idiotically I had gone searching for fanfics and read a spoiler that I didn’t know was a spoiler until I finished the book. But if I hadn’t read anything I would have been shocked at how things turned out. I think it’s for the best though; it makes it all the more exciting for the next book.