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Once: An Eve Novel

Once - Anna Carey Eve is the smartest girl in school. Her favorite class topics are Dangers of Boys and Men, Manipulation and Heartache, and Domestic Enslavement. She has never met a boy or man, but girls are taught that men are manipulative, conniving, and dangerous creatures. Except for the King of The New America, he is the only one to be trusted and obeyed. Eve has won awards, is class valedictorian, and will soon graduate and go on to study a trade. Her life seems pretty much perfect considering the current situation of the world after the plague. That is, until a nagging doubt makes Eve investigate the Graduates building and ultimately discover the true horror of the life they planned for her. Eve knows she has to escape, but as she steps beyond the wall she realizes there is nothing and no one to protect her out there in the wild. And the things she has learned all her life might be all lies.This was just such a cool book. First of all the way girls are used as a means to an end, taking away their choices was just infuriating. The idea that families, marriage and love are complications is just so wrong! I wanted Eve to find herself an army and bust everyone out! But Eve is very naïve thanks to her upbringing at the School, and sometimes her attitude made me dislike her. You want her to be this super cool chick against the bad guys in the awful post-apocalyptic world, but Eve is just not it. Thank goodness then for the humor, and there is a lot of it with all the funny interactions between Eve and the boys. I also got a bit teary eyes when she taught them to read, and taught them about love. Caleb was just dreamy with his pale green eyes, shoulder-length hair in dreadlocks, tan skin, and muscular chest. He lets Eve slowly fall in love with him, never pushing her in any way. I loved that. There is a lot of sacrifice and love and hope involved in this story, and that alone makes it a great story. There were two things that kept nagging at me the whole time though, wrenching me out of the story-world. The plague supposedly started in 2015, and the current date is 2023. I just couldn’t believe that 8 years were long enough for things to be so deteriorated on the outside world and for people to forget terms like television, movies, or…balls. Oh and then Eve’s constant remembering of the past becomes quite annoying at times. I wanted to be in the present, not reminiscing about things every 5 seconds. The ending I don’t want to talk about. I’ll just say that the next book better have some great explanation for an ending like this, because otherwise I just don’t see the point in giving me love and hope and then wrenching it out. I’ll be looking out for the next book in the Eve trilogy!