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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4)

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead Leaving everything she’s ever known behind Rose sets out on a quest to kill the man she loves, but even finding out his hometown proves difficult. Rose soon realizes she can’t do this alone. Sydney a reluctant, yet useful ally finally helps Rose make her way to Dimitri’s family. All the while dealing with grief and heartache, Rose also has to deal with her shadow-kissed powers which keep springing up surprises.Dimitri’s family receives her with open arms, and Rose almost loses sight of her purpose. The town’s underground life and a mysterious man called Abe snap her back to reality. Rose heads back to the city with a band of unpromised guardians and starts hunting out Strigoi, leaving a message out for Dimitri.But no matter how many times Rose told herself she could do it, it never prepared her for that first time of seeing him again. Now trapped in his world, and with mixed feelings, will Rose be able to fulfill her promise? Or will the new promise of “together forever” be too tempting?The first half of the book goes pretty slow action-wise, but that’s alright because it was like the first book giving info on a whole bunch of new interesting things. Although Rose’s grieving annoyed me a bit, because she would go on and on and on, I couldn’t really blame her. Her escapes were a nice distraction. Going into Lissa’s mind leads down another plot that runs parallel to Rose’s. Also I’ve never seen this done before, but I absolutely loved the way Rose goes back to reminiscence and describe in detail events and conversations between her and Dimitri. It gives insight into their relationship, and lets us catch all those cute scenes we didn’t see in the other books. We’ve heard about Dimitri’s scary grandma before, but after seeing her in action well…Yeva rocks! And Abe also rocks and you’ll get why once you finish the book. Actually the end brings two surprises. And yes, thankfully I stayed away from spoilers for this!