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The Indigo Spell: A Bloodlines Novel

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Reading Bloodlines was like returning home after a long trip, or in my case, hanging out with my best friend after months of not going out. I already knew I would be seeing some old favorites come back, but I was surprised at Abe making a comeback too! I secretly enjoyed every second of him torturing Sydney with his remarks (evil laugh).It was so exciting being in Sydney’s head. I remember that while reading the Vampire Academy series I kept thinking that I could identify a lot with her, and I wasn’t wrong. She has serious, always-by-the-book but secretly against it character that not a lot of people understand. There’s even a time where she admits to feeling the odd one out for being this way. Sydney also admits to feeling inadequate next to Moroi girls because of their tall skinny bodies. Which kind of surprised me, because isn’t she supposed to hate or not care about the Moroi? Anyways this is why she eats very little, almost starving herself. Believe me; you’ll be pissed when you find out how this insecurity came about. Thankfully someone around *wink wink* keeps hinting that she could do with a few more pounds on her frame. I wish she would heed his advice!Sydney has a lot of conflicting emotions about the vampires. On the one hand she still fears them and sees them as abominations, but meeting Rose has definitely changed her views a lot. As you read this book you’ll see Sydney go out of her way to help Jill and Adrian, even though she fears them. Sydney also envies Rose her strength, because she believes that she doesn’t have any, not when she follows the Alchemyst’s rules to a T. Her upbringing has a lot to do with this, and I found myself hating the Alchemyst’s for their rules and fears. Often she would want to speak up, but then her training would remind her to keep silent and follow the rules. What she doesn’t see, and what Adrian tells her, is that her self control is in itself a form of strength. Sydney also has a vengeful gene in her, which is actually a scary thing, and she goes beyond her duties to make sure Jill is happy at school.I loved it how Sydney couldn’t help herself admiring Adrian and his looks. He unsettles her enough that Sydney finds herself relaxing her rules around him and forgetting to be rigid and proper. I also enjoyed the little hints of Sydney having affected Adrian maybe on an unconscious level. Like him using a “sage-colored” shirt, and then painting the walls a “golden” color…Come on! Sydney is just so right for Adrian. She won’t put up with any of his crap, and will actually care enough to continue pushing him even when he wants to give up. Like taking him on a job interview expedition, which was just hilarious. And later, when she secretly pays for his classes, even knowing he would be upset and want to quit. Sydney actually believes he can be more than he is now, and that is what he needs, someone to believe in him. Adrian was just his adorable/infuriating self, and though he resisted at first I am so happy that he finally took the first steps towards healing. The whole going back to classes, and then getting the apartment, buying second hand furniture and actually cleaning! That’s why I kind of hated that last sentence in the book, because I am so afraid that Adrian will go back on everything. Gah! I almost wanted to fling my precious Kindle against the nearest wall. But I contained myself and thought about why Richelle would do this…I came to the conclusion that for Adrian to get over the past, he has to confront it not merely forget it or decide it never happened. ;)I just loved this book. As I finished, I just wanted to go back and start all over again. I liked that it left open a couple of mysteries which will be fun to read in the upcoming books. I just wish these books would get published faster! I am so excited for this new series, and can’t wait for The Golden Lily, coming May 2012!