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Isle of Night: The Watchers

Isle of Night - Veronica Wolff Annelise Drew has had it with her crappy life and crappier family. She arranges it so that she graduates early and goes off to college. But unexpected problems lead to Annelise finding herself stranded and without anywhere to go. That is when Ronan offers to help. What Annelise doesn’t know is that accepting might take her further from her world than she could ever imagine. Annelise finds herself in a completely different time zone, on an island with vampires, where girls train to become Watchers (vampire attachés)! The girls have been chosen because they have gifts. Not like supernatural ones, but like survival skills and such. They’re put them through rigorous trainings, made to follow very strict rules. Failure to follow the rules and the punishments are literally deadly, because to stray from the paths, and to go out after curfew means to be prey to the monsters that run loose on the Isle of Night. At first Annelise doesn’t quite get it that it’s kill or be killed. When girls start to drop like flies and disappear without so much as a mourning period, she knows things are serious. She decides then that her only goal should be escaping the island, and to do that she must excel in everything and survive. Even if it means killing her classmates! When they announce a tournament with the prize being a chance to go off-island for a mission, Annelise knows she has to enter and win. Will she be strong enough to defeat her nemesis, her pyromaniac roommate?Although the pace started slow, I completely immersed myself in the world of Isle of Night and enjoyed every single page. I haven’t read a book this exciting and dangerous since The Hunger Games. Some might even compare it to Vampire Academy, but this is just a whole other animal. Annelise has survived being smacked around by her father all her life, and it has given her an inner fire for survival, even if she doesn’t know it at first. Combine that with her impressive IQ and we get a badass chick that needs to watch what she says in front of the uptight vampires. I liked how she went through all the hard training without complaining (except for her independent study haha), and how she set herself a goal and worked towards it against all odds. I found her to be really unique in the sense that she’s badass but doesn’t come off as ‘deadly super woman’ like other heroines.The romantic element was present, but didn’t get a front row seat in this first book. Ronan has dark hair and gorgeous green eyes, and is very serious young man. He frequently chastises Annelise for her sarcasm and flip remarks, and constantly pushes her to do better. I found him to be very hard and harsh at times, but I guess he does it because he wants her to survive. Still I would’ve liked seeing a softer side of him, because I know he cares about her. I just hope we get more of him and Annelise in the next book. Then there is the mysterious Master Alcántara, who seems to be the reason why Annelise was chosen to be brought to the Isle of Night. Also, I just know there’s something weird going on with the Vampires and the Draugs and what they really are. Or should I say who? [insert evil laugh]. That last chapter with the underground…where does it lead? What was it used for before? Does anything live there now?! I found the ending a bit abrupt, like there was supposed to be something else after it for closure. But that’s only because I really REALLY wanted to read more. Can’t wait for Vampire’s Kiss next year!