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Wanted: One Special Kiss (Starlight Trilogy, Book 2)

Wanted: One Special Kiss - Judi McCoy Kiss of Night is a refreshing change from all the new vampire stories, where they shine, have power over elements, or are even part alive. The vampires in this story are very much dead, are comatose during the day, burn in the face of holy items, and are even affected by garlic! Raphael (male lead and sexiest vampire in Prague) needs her help in the upcoming battle to save humanity from the evil vampires. Susan’s help is crucial since her family has been involved in this from the beginning. She even seems to have some innate holy powers which are not really explored during this book, but I’m sure will play a big part in the following novels. David is plunged into this battle by being one of the few people who can resist a vampires mesmerizing gaze. Together they will work to find and stop an evil vampire with a god complex and his pet a mad vampire scientist. I have to say I was hesitant to pick this up since it’s posted as Christian Fiction, but the story sounded quite exciting. I’m glad I did give it a chance. There are no preachy parts whatsoever, and there is a nice explanation to the existence of vampires (though I seriously doubt any Catholic would be so cool about it). It even has a kickass fight and some gory parts at the end! Oh and the vampire Rottweilers were terrific. I was pleased with the characters, though not with the many changing POVs and flashbacks since it made for a choppy story at times. I would have just been happy with Raphael and Susan’s POV. Raphael…Ahhh. His smirk-y sexy self had me swooning the whole time. Although he has had all this time to atone for his sins he can’t forgive himself for being a monster. This is why I liked Susan because she knows Raphael is not a bad person.I will certainly be looking out for the next installment in this series. I can’t wait to know more about the secret of Susan’s necklace, and see where her chemistry with Raphael leads. *I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*