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Reaper (Soul Screamers)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent It’s a heart wrenching, powerful story about the Hudson brothers, and the tragedy that took Tod away from his family. I’ve only listened to one other audio book, and I have to say I wasn’t thrilled that this was the only option for reading Reaper. But not to worry! I totally loved the narrator’s voice. It was weirdly intimate hearing certain parts narrated right in my ear, but it was fun.The story is told by Tod, so we get to see how he thinks. Tod is actually the responsible and level headed one (who knew!). He cares a lot for his mom and follows her rules. He cares for Nash too but his brother is a bit of a jerk. He has a girlfriend who is in a correctional facility and wants to break her out. When Tod says he won’t help, he goes out drinking without permission and gets wasted. On the way back they get into a horrible car accident that leaves one of them dead. And that’s when the surprise comes. [Spoiler Ahead!]Tod didn’t die, Nash did! Tod gives his life in exchange because he feels guilty because of the last things he said to his brother. That selfless sacrifice is what get him the reaper job. And it’s so sad! He feels so alone and homeless in the afterlife. I almost cried when he revealed himself and his mom wasn’t as enthusiastic. But she was just scared for what the reaper job implies. Another surprise was that he was actually the one to first see Kaylee, not Nash. He finds her at the hospital when she is sent there in the prequel. Oh! And the end. It sent chills through me hearing Tod speak like that. Overall this short story made me love Tod even more.