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The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Meghan has been at the Winter palace for some time now, and not once has she seen Ash. Her faery powers have also deserted her when she needs them most! Because a traitor has let the Iron Fey into the Winter Palace, and Ash’s oldest brother is killed trying to protect the Scepter of Seasons. It’ll be up to Meg to recover the Scepter and save the Winter and Summer courts from destroying each other. The Iron Fey series keeps surprising me at every turn. So far, every book has had a little piece of magic that surprises me. A little detail, or character, an item or a place that makes me catch my breath with its ingenuity. This time it was the faery deaths and the Briars. The new characters were also great. It never crossed my mind that there could be other kinds of half-breed. Silly me. Oh and the return of Ironhorse rocked! Sadly the main characters had me a little bit on edge. Puck was the only one who didn’t make me angry at any point. Actually, I wanted to hug him and congratulate him on finally making a move on Meg. Sadly, we all know how that’s going to end. Now, I knew Meghan’s naïveté would piss me off at some point, and this book was it. I don’t know how much clearer Ash could have been when he told Meg that “emotions are weaknesses” in the Winter Court, and that they “prey on the weak.” What did she think?! That they would be parading around holding hands and kissing in front of Mab and her court? Hello! Seriously Meg, I thought you were smarter than that. At least her little meld-down served a purpose. After that Meg knows she has to change, become harder than ice if she is to survive at the Winter Court. She keeps this mentality throughout the book, once again showing how brave and selfless she is. So I forgive her, even if she made me want to reach into the book and serve her a couple of slaps.Ash was another one whom I wanted to shake some sense into. Returning to the Winter Court and its culture of violence and cruelty, has made Ash realize more than ever that Summer and Winter shouldn’t mix. Once again he will push Meg away in hopes keeping her safe. What happened to him after, well…I so didn’t see that one coming. Still, even when Meg save him insists on sticking with his Summer and Winter can’t mix motto. Silly Ash, don’t you know that love has no boundaries? I found The Iron Daughter to be filled with a cup (a big one) of magic, a dash of heart wrenching romance, a pinch of humor (courtesy of Puck and the nurse) and a healthy dose of action. I won’t write anything else not because there is nothing else to say, but because I’m dashing off to start book three of this amazing series!