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The Iron Knight (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Ash and Puck has been on the search for Grimalkin, and though their adventures remind them of their past friendship, Ash still can’t forget the tragedy that made them enemies. He will have to work through all that pent up rage. Only with the appearance of a long lost friend can their friendship begin a slow healing. Bound by his oath Ash can’t turn away from his quest, not even when doubt plagues his mind, and indecision threatens his heart. It is an arduous journey. Ash will have to battle forgotten monsters in the Deep Wyld, fight inner demons in the corridors of the gauntlet, and come up with the answers to questions he never thought of before if he is to receive the ultimate gift…a soul.I can only think of this book as the final reward, the ultimate prize at the end of this magical journey that the Iron Fey series has led me through. Having Ash as the narrator was quite interesting; getting to know the real Winter prince, the layers of emotion underneath his silent and cold mask, was just wonderful. The same way Ash has to deal with his past, we have to deal with it. Do we even like him after we learn all the terrible things he’s done? Is he worthy of Meghan? The story really made me think seriously and deeply about Ash as a character. Every ordeal he goes through is a lesson, not just for him but for you to learn. I think the most important lesson I got was never to give into despair, to always fight against all odds. Also, I never realized the depths of Ash and Puck’s friendship before the whole tragedy with Ariella. I always thought they became friends at that time, but the boys’ friendship goes way back. Puck is constantly reminiscing with funny comments about their past quests throughout the story. Like, I would love to see a short story or two about one of their past quest (like the hydra one or the minotaur). Though Ash is annoyed by Puck’s mention of their past, secretly he still appreciates Puck’s company on this quest. And they work wonderfully as a team too, as you’ll see in the many battles. As always I adored Grimalkin and his superiority complex. He met his match here with the Big Bad Wolf (the one from Winter’s Passage). Once again I fell in love with the world itself, because the Nevernever never ceases to amaze me. During Ash’s journey we get to see the unexplored parts of Faery. Scary places where the forgotten myths live, and even though it is a deadly place again there is also beauty in it. Like the River of Dreams and all the things that can be found in it, and the incredible landscape found at End of the World. The Iron Knight is the perfect conclusion to the Iron Fey series. A story of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and acceptance, with an ending that will have you crying, grinning from ear to ear and doing a happy dance all at the same time. It’s one of those happily ever after endings that you’ll remember always because it’s safely stored away in your heart. The Iron Fey has really won a special place in my bookshelf and my life. *I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*