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Soul Protector (Soul Protector Series #1)

Soul Protector (Soul Protector Series #1) - Amanda Leigh Cowley Gracie has been in a depressed funk of self imposed isolation since her boyfriend dumped her for her little sister. It’s in this state of mind she attends a friend’s birthday party. She can’t help but feel a bit jealous, whishing she could somehow switch bodies with her friend and have her seemingly perfect life. What Gracie finds out is that her wish could somehow come true when she accidentally switches bodies! This is how she meets Dan, an extremely sexy monitor, who introduces her to the unbelievable world of Soul Protectors. Gracie will have a tough time dealing with her work, her love problems, and her newly found powers.The story started at a fast pace, but then it quickly started to lag with too many flashbacks and Gracie’s life issues. I was so interested in the whole Soul Protector thing, that I was disappointed when it got sort of pushed aside until the last third of the book when it picks up again with Gracie’s decision. Luckily Gracie was such fun to read, especially when she’s around Dan whom she describes as “chivalrous and dominant.” I wouldn’t have minded a couple of more Dan appearances, since it seems Gracie falls in love with him over a short period of time.Overall I found the story quite entertaining, however I would have liked the setting to be clearly stated; only by the words ‘tube’ and ‘Brighton’ was I able to deduce this is set in England. Also, her age is never mentioned, so I had trouble visualizing Gracie. And this being a paranormal romance, I expected much much more romance. Maybe it’s just that I feel miffed at not having more Dan time. A seriously great plot idea, but I just wished the storyline was more. *I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review*