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Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy)

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep I’m always hesitant to start reading the second book in a series or trilogy, because that’s usually the book I end up not really liking. It’s not that I didn’t like Kiss of Frost, it’s just that so much of it was a recap! The first 30% of the book is all one big recap, pity party, and repetition of the same things over and over and OVER again. I mean, I got it the first fifty times; students carry weapons everywhere, students are filthy rich, Gwen has a purple plaid coat, and students waste no time finding places to have sex. We get it. MOVE ON. The only interesting bit during this part was that Gwen’s powers seem to be evolving.Back in Touch of Frost, Logan rejects Gwen’s proposal to start going out and now Gwen is just so bitter and nasty about the whole thing that it colored all her judgment and character. I just wasn’t that interested in the continuous pity party. I cheered so loud when Daphne told her, “Oh, suck it up, Gwen.” And the Valkyrie should’ve probably repeated it a couple of more times. At least she is fierce when confronting Logan. Gwen gets brownie points for not giving into him that easily. Things finally pick up about 40% into the book, when they arrive at the ski resort. Oh, before that two attempts are made on her life by a Reaper of Chaos. Gwen’s decides to be pretty stupid with the whole “I want to be a super warrior too” thing that she keeps quiet about every single incident thinking she can deal with it on her own. Why do heroes always do this? Think that they can take on the world without help. Anyways, there is all sorts of cool going on at the resort; hot guy from another academy, ski slopes and Winter Carnival, an avalanche, and oh yeah, a massive Fenrir wolf with blood red eyes. See? Action. Interesting. By the end of the book Gwen was back in my good graces. She shows incredible bravery choosing to fight for her friends, and actually coming up with a plan to stop the Reaper. Also, yay for sexy Spartan Logan. I can never get enough of him, and once again I’m left wanting for more Logan time during this book. Sigh. Sadly I saw the villain coming a mile away. It was actually pretty hilarious reading his dialogue parts, because I already knew he was the bad guy.I was going to give it 4 out of 5, because I do so love the mythology in this series, but that 40% recap just about killed me. I’ll still be waiting for Dark Frost, which I pray doesn’t have such a long recap.