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Anew: The Archers of Avalon, Book One

Anew - Chelsea Fine Scarlet Jacobs doesn't remember anything of her life before she appeared alone in the woods two years ago. The only thing her amnesiac mind sees clearly is a design of a mysterious symbol. After so long without any more glimpses of her past Scarlet is about ready to give up. And then she meets the Archer brothers. Two Greek-god-like boys that seem to strike a cord deep within her, if only she knew why. Scarlet's life will be turned upside down with the revelation of a terrible curse cast on her...wait for it... five hundred years ago!The whole mystery behind Scarlet's amnesia and how it's all slowly getting revealed, her crazy fun friend Heather, plus two hunky boys that want to save her, kept my eyes glued my kindle all through the night! Entertaining, romantic, and filled with emotion, Anew is an excellent beginning to this series. The characters a lively and interesting, the plot is filled with secrets, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! The story is told in the three exciting POV's of Scarlet, Gabriel, and Tristan. Scarlet was fun to read, especially since she's almost always with Heather, her crazy fashionista friend who is just hilarious. I think Scarlet deals with her amnesia and the revelations really well. Thank goodness for heroines who don't just break down into a puddle of useless crying goo. Gabriel and Tristan were just a treat to read, a delicious and yummy treat. The only thing they have in common are their looks (well and their love for weapons other than guns), in everything else they are complete opposites. While one is sweet, cute and carefree, the other is dark, dangerous, and angry (but not in a cliché way). Tristan has a valid reason for being that way, and boy did it break my heart! My mind went blank and I stopped breathing for a moment when he revealed his plan. I didn't like Gabriel as much because he never seems to be taking the curse that seriously, always saying they have time when they really don't. I also don't think he really loves Scarlet, and I mean to REALLY love her. My one and only complaint is that (damn it) the ending was a cliffhanger! Gah. Now who knows how long until I can immerse myself into Scarlet, Grabriel, and Tristan's lives! And believe me, there is reason to come back after that final scene! So go out, or click the links above and go get yourself a copy of Anew because you want to know the story of the Archers of Avalon.