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Shadows (A Lux Novel)

Shadows (Lux, #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Let me start by saying that I liked that it was written in third person. This way we get more in depth info about more than one character, in this case Dawson, Beth, and Daemon. I loved the way Dawson and Daemon got along, and together with Dee they just cracked me up. Dee is so unrestrained in what she says that the brother’s are constantly finding themselves in beyond awkward conversations that they just have to stop. Both Dawson and Dee really see their brother as their protector, and the one who’s always going to fix things. I think that maybe it’s why Daemon is so closed off to everyone, because he has to play the parent position. Then there is Dawson and Bethany. Reading about how they fell in love, and the perfect match they were to each other just melted my heart into a puddle of happy goo. From the minute they laid eyes on each other it was pure attraction, and Dawson doesn’t wait any time because the very next day he’s asking Beth out. Of course, everyone freaked, because aliens and humans are a big no-no. I laughed my ass off when Daemon made a comment about never ever dating a human. But even when they’re pissed at Dawson, Daemon and Dee always back him up. This brings me to my favorite scene. It’s the saddest scene of all, but I liked it the most because it was the most powerful and moving. It’s when Daemon and Dee get the news that Dawson isn’t coming back because he is gone. Pain, loss, sorrow, anger, all those emotions were masterfully captured to the point where I couldn’t help tearing up. However, once I got my shit together again I started thinking, and some things don’t add up. My intuition tells me lies might have been said, and I so hope I’m right because it changes everything. And darn it! When is Onyx coming out!?!