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Timepiece: An Hourglass Novel

Timepiece - Myra McEntire Kalleb Ballard is still trying to drown himself in booze and girls in the hopes of numbing all the emotional baggage. His father is alive but still choosing Michael over him, his mom is still in a coma, and Jack Landers is still causing havoc to the time continuum. What's more, a strange man issues an ultimatum, the Hourglass has to find Jack or they will turn back time regardless of the results. Kaleb, and the members of the Hourglass will unite their powers to find Jack, but with rips appearing all over the place, and Jack evading their steps, their hunt will be a difficult one. Outside help will be needed to find that which cannot be found. Hold on to your seats because Myra McEntire plunges us right into the action packed adventure that is Timepiece! This book has so much action and tension, that at any given moment I would either scream, shake my fist, or sigh at Kaleb's sexiness. I was a little lost at first because there is very little back-story included in Timeline, were just thrown into the action and that's that. But I just rolled with it and enjoyed the ride until I slowly remembered who was who and what they'd done before. I did go back to my review of Hourglass and found out I'd made a sort of wish list, of what I hoped for in the next book. I wished for Lily to have a more active role. Check! Lily definitely became my favorite heroine ever. She's direct, says what she means regardless of how harsh it sounds, she's very perceptive, and is not afraid to make the first move! So refreshing to see a girl taking control for once! Kudos to McEntire! I loved seeing Lily make Kaleb's head spin. I wished for more Kaleb time. Check! I still missed Em the firecracker, but having Kaleb as the narrator was a whole other kind of awesome. In the first book we mostly see his bad boy side, and his love for Em, but now we get to meet the real Kaleb. And, oh man, did I fall hard for him. He cares so deeply for everyone, his empathy is not just him reading everyone's emotion, but he actually wants to make people feel safe and comfortable. Lily sees through all his layers right away, and she really grows to understand him. I wished for more traveling action. Check! With Jack Landers popping in and out at the worst moments ever, the mystery man named Poe who also time travels, and the rips of the past and the future appearing everywhere…yes, time travel was really present in this second installment! Myra McEntire returns more confident than ever in Timepiece, which I think is one of the best sequels I've ever read. Romance and action perfectly balanced, unexpected plot twists and turns, and no love triangle! I did appreciate Emerson and Michael appearing once in a while, but I was so glad when Kaleb admitted to loving Em only as a friend. I'm so excited right now. I can't imagine what awesomeness McEntire will come up with for the next book! Can't wait!*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher for my honest review*