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Until I Die (Revenants)

Until I Die - Amy Plum Kate and Vincent's romance is still sizzling, but there's the ever present shadow of death looming over them. Unable to deal, Kate made Vincent promise to fight the compulsion to die, but now she is reconsidering. Is her life worth more than the countless others Vincent could be saving? This is why they must find another solution. Something that will allow them to be together without suffering for either of them. But Vincent says he's already got a plan, an experiment that seems to be doing him more harm than good. Even with the dangers of numa attacks, stubborn Kate will search on her own and do anything to save the love of her life. Amy Plum returns to steal our hearts with beautiful prose, Paris, the struggles of our favorite couple, and seriously hot revenants! Kate and Vincent are as adorable as ever with each other now that they're officially a couple, but this time I felt their situation to be more realistic. As a couple they're struggling, but still trying to work through their problems. I like that though they start keeping secrets from each other, they realize that’s not the right way. Kate still has issues with death. It's not only is a constant reminder of her parents, but also of what she and Vincent will one day face when she continues aging and getting old and he doesn't. I really don't know how Miss Plum will address this issue, but just thinking about it makes me want to start biting my nails! I felt that the secondary cast of characters played less of a role during this book. We still get Ambrose, Jules, and Georgia in tiny doses, but the rest are barely there. Ambrose is still the delicious chocolate man we all love. Jules is still a hopeless flirt, though there is a scene where he shows deeper feeling. I swear, I stopped breathing during that scene. Kate's sister is as crazy and flirty as ever, but she shows a more supportive role in this book by covering for Kate and offering advice and surprisingly good insight. Hah! The interest she develops for one of the revenants was totally unexpected, and I will love to see more of it in the next book. There are two new revenants in town who have been called in to help with their knowledge of the numa. I didn't like either of them, but the ending made me change my mind at least for one of them. I found this second book to be more of an adventure, and less of a paranormal romance story. The entire thing concentrates on Kate following the legend of the guérisseur in the hopes that she will find a solution for her and Vincent. On the other hand, Vincent is trying his experiment which makes him absent for the most part. Also, I saw the villain coming from a mile away so most of the last chapters weren't a surprise for me. The ending was a freaking cliffhanger that left me heartbroken. How will I ever survive until the third book I really don't know!