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Rapture (Fallen)

Rapture  - Lauren Kate Luce and the angels are running out of time to stop Lucifer. With less than a week left until the second fall, the group must locate the original site of the first fall. Their only lead is a book Daniel wrote a long time ago that spoke of three relics that would show them the road to the first fall. But there’s not much time. Seismic shifts in time or ‘timequakes’ are becoming stronger, distorting reality the closer Lucifer gets. With factions of good and outcast angels trying to stop their efforts, Luce and Daniel will have to set all and any doubts aside, because their love is the only thing that will either save or destroy them all. Rapture is the epic conclusion to Luce and Daniel’s story and their cursed love that transcended time.Luce and Daniel have gone through a lot, as she’s seen from traveling through her past lives. Now, back in the present she learns how to access those past memories, and use the knowledge to help on their quest. Rapture is really about Luce’s discovery of her true self, and though exciting to see her understand what she really is, I was a little disappointed. For me it was pretty obvious what she was from like two books ago. Nevertheless, the quest they embark upon is full of action, and—much to my delight—the angel battles were quite brutal. There’s snapping of limbs, odd colored blood flying everywhere, gurgling sounds, and a whole lot of body slamming. Sad thing about all that is that Cam didn’t play a more active role in all that.There’s love, loss, anger, and happiness at every turn of the page. Their quest takes them all over the world, and Luce and the angels fight every step of the way to get those relics in time. The clock is ticking and I was actually getting anxious by the end there, wondering what would happen. Luce’s role—the first meeting, her first love, and all that—was an awesomely shocking surprise. I was like NO WAY! I wish I could discuss this in great details but I really don’t want to spoil it.If you’ve been following the Fallen series as ardently as I have then you’re going to enjoy every chapter of Rapture. If you still haven’t read it, then I urge you lovely reader to do so, because you won’t be disappointed. This is the story of a love that transcends time, soulmates who find each other again and again no matter what, and though they’re cursed there’s never a doubt that they would always choose love above all else.*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher for my honest review*