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Before I Wake (Harlequin Teen)

Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent After escaping death for a second time—well, a permanent death—Kaylee feels lost. She doesn’t know how to adjust to this afterlife where only strong emotions make her feel alive and the rest has ceases to have meaning. The only person that feels real to her is Tod. Kaylee lives her days only for the moments she gets to spend with him, the rest of the day she has to go to school. Who knew being dead didn’t get you out of school? But Kaylee’s life doesn’t that that boring forever, and the consequences of her decisions will catch up to her. When all hell breaks loose (literally), Kaylee will have to pay for her choices. Only this time, her soul is not the only one in danger. Rachel Vincent’s Before I Wake, the most awaited sixth novel of the Soul Screamers series, is all that I hoped for and more! I was terrified of this book. Yes, terrified. If I Die left us with a lovely happy ending, and I just knew that from then on only pain and suffering would come. Add to that Rachel Vincent’s teasing statuses in Facebook about killing off people, important people, and I was shaking in my seat. But after reading it, I have to say that it wasn’t so bad. Scratch that. It is that bad, with tons of heartache, people that die, and hell breaking loose but…Kaylee’s courage keeps you going. It keeps you hoping for better things, and we get that. In this book, we encounter a very different Kaylee. She snaps when pushed, feels nothing when left alone, and thinks that giving into her depression is so much better than fighting. Wait, what? Yep. Gone is our fierce heroine. She feels like things don’t matter anymore because she’s dead. But isn’t that why she agreed to become an extractor because her family and friends mattered and she couldn’t just leave them? Kaylee has lost sight of who she is, and when horrible things start happening she can’t help but despair instead of fight back, because what’s happening is her fault, consequences of the choices she made during If I Die.This was one of the hardest parts to read, because I wanted her to be the badass heroine of the other books but I also understood why she was like this. The only bright thing in Kaylee’s life it’s her gorgeous, sweet, grim reaper of a boyfriend. Tod is there for her 100%, never letting her give up. He tells her she won’t feel alive until she starts acting alive again, and boy does he show her how to live (Ch.11 was perfection). Tod and Kaylee have the best one-liners ever.Of course, Kaylee and Tod are not the only reasons why I love Soul Screamers so much. The gang is back and trying to stay together despite their differences and personal issues. Emma is trying to keep up with them. At this point she’s the only human in their group. Nash and Sabine have their own issues to solve, and it would all go smoother if Nash wasn’t still hung up on Kay, but he is. He still hates Tod, but at least they can agree that Kaylee’s safey comes first always. Sophie and Luca are the new additions to the team, and their adventure in Never to Sleep blends in with the events happening here. What I liked the most was that I saw them try to reconnect with each other. Nash and Tod working together to keep Kaylee safe, Sophie asking things Kaylee and trying to understand, Sabine and Kaylee being extra frank with each other (LOL). And seriously, they need to stick together is they ever want to defeat the forces of the Netherworld.The ending was an avalanche of trouble that had me literally at the edge of my seat. I could not believe what was happening, and what eventually happened…!!! Yeah. I can’t wait for With All My Soul, the last Soul Screamer’s book. It’ll be sad to read the end of this series, but that’s what re-reads are for! And I’m sure I’ll be re-reading these books, and other Rachel Vincent books, for years to come.