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The Waiting Sky

The Waiting Sky - Lara Zielin Jane McAllister’s leads a hard life. Taking care of her alcoholic mother has never been easy, but when her mother almost kills her and her best friend for driving drunk, Jane knows things are getting worse. Her brother Ethan has asked her to go tornado-chasing with his crew, and Jane takes the chance to step away from her life. But the guilt is eating at her. Jane needs to figure out what she wants, and if she’s willing to throw her life away for the chaos back home. Lara Zielin’s The Waiting Sky is a vortex of fast-paced narrative, emotion, and sweet romance. Since reading the summary, I knew I wanted to read this. Twister is one of those movies I’ve watched a gazillion times just for the thrill of watching the crews run from the twisters. The Waiting Sky has that same exhilarating feel that made me watch the movie over and over again, only with YA issues thrown in the mix. Jane is a pushover when it comes to her mom. She’s constantly covering for her, and making up excuses when the reality is her mom needs some serious help. Jane is basically an enabler to her mom’s addiction, but she doesn’t see it that way. Jane thinks she has to be there and take care of her mom, which is why she feels guilty over leaving her and taking that photography job with her brother’s crew. Ethan, her brother, offers her a chance to move in with him, at a brighter future, but Jane can’t think of leaving her mom. The story is basically about Jane figuring out if she is right, or if her brother is right. Her best friend Cat, her brother Ethan, and the sexy new boy Max, all try to make her see, but Jane doesn’t want to. I really wanted to slap her a couple of times, because here reasons were so idiotic, but I guess I would want to do the same and protect my parent. The romance was sweet and endearing. Max is a guy she meets who is from an opposing tornado-chasing team. They simply connect and try to help each other when The Weather Network starts making things worse by filming some incidents. But Jane and Max relationship went a little too fast for me. She barely knows him when she’s already thinking of sex, which kind of threw me. There’s not a lot of time between them, but I loved what Max’s did at the end.I guess my only issue with the novel is that it felt all was a bit too easy for Jane, not what she went through but the fact that suddenly everyone had problems that she could relate to, and everyone had the right advice at the right time. And the thing is she continually refuses to heed their advice, but then she suddenly does? I don’t know. But other than that, I loved the story. It’s short, it’s meaningful, and I love me some twisters!*Arc copy provided by Putnam*