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Onyx (A Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout The last thing that Katy wanted was to be connected to Daemon Black, her infuriating (but hot) alien neighbor. The feelings he inspires in her have to be a side effect of the alien bond, or so Katy keeps telling herself. But resisting Daemon when he’s out to prove her wrong is almost impossible. Dealing with him on a daily basis is no easy feat, and to top it all, Katy has been feeling sick (she might really have the alien cooties!) Katy just needs a break from all the crazy, and she finds it in Blake, the new guy in school who is more than a little interested in Kat. But things are not what they seem. There are stronger things out there than the Luxen, and the DOD wants them. How deep do the secrets go? And how longer can Katy deny what she really wants? Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Onyx is shocking revelation after shocking situations that keep your eyes glued to the pages. And let’s not forget, a whole lot of sexy alien for our reading pleasure!Katy is neck deep in trouble. Not only resisting Daemon has become harder, but their connection is doing weird things. Things that if the DOD finds out, they’ll take her away. Permanently. I know that Katy is very stubborn, but I was sort of disappointed in her in this book. Even after all she’s learned about Daemon, she’s still prejudiced against him and his motives. I hated the fact that she didn’t make up her damn mind. First, she tells Blake there’s nothing going on with Daemon, then she goes out with him and does nothing but think of Daemon. It’s like she was forcing the issue just to piss Daemon off. Ugh. At least she eventually realizes it’s wrong to string someone along. I do love that she wants to be stronger to protect her friends and family, and that she’d do anything—even piss Daemon off—to prove that she can take care of herself.Daemon ♥ Sweet, overprotective, valiant Daemon needs to realize he can’t keep carrying all the weight of the world on his shoulders. It’s so hard for him to see that he has other people around him who love him and can help. I think the best thing about Onyx is how Daemon opens up to Katy. He shows a new side of him, a caring, thoughtful, gentle Daemon that literally melted my heart a little each time. First, hot damn can that boy apologize. Second, a blushing Daemon is a thing to die for. Three, Thanksgiving was perfect. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Daemon Black made me tear up! Serious alien deliciousness in Onyx.Aside from our hardheaded heroes, there’s Blake, the sexy surfer who’s interested in Katy. Daemon just can’t get his name right. Dare I say he’s jealous? Ooooh. Katy’s friends don’t play as much part in this book, including Dee because she’s a little busy. I knew Dee and Adam were perfect for each other, so I was pretty happy with the progress in that area. But it irked me was that Dee complained about not having time with Katy anymore, but at lunch the only thing she did was suck face with Adam. If you want time with your BFF then maybe you could use that time? There are a couple of other characters, but telling you would spoil the events and surprises!One think I love about Armentrout’s books is that they have two climax points. The first one lulls you into false sense of security and happiness. Then when things are finally okay…WHAM! Something destroys it all and melts our brains in the process. A lot of cursing ensued each time, because I could not believe what was happening. Like, seriously, holy crap. I cannot wait for Opal to come out, and thank god it’s coming out this December because I don’t think I could’ve taken a year long wait for it.