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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Sometimes perfect needs a little bit of messy. Wealthy, beautiful, and popular, Samantha Reed leads the perfect life. But compared to the Garretts next door, her life is dull. Every day she spies on them from her bedroom balcony, until one day Jase Garrett climbs up and stops by for a talk. A fateful meeting that changes everything in Sam’s life as she and the boy next door fall in love. Then tragedy strikes and Sam faces the hardest decision ever. Will she be strong enough and choose to do the right thing? Huntley Fitzpatric’s My Life Next Door is a whirlwind of romance, a story that will tug at your heart, break it, and rebuild it again. Samantha was an interesting character to read. I saw her as a bit timid and fearful of stuff, kind of a pushover with her mom and sister. Her mom is the state senator and she insists on having everything perfect; a perfectly clean house, a perfect outfit, and perfect daughters. Sam’s older sister Tracy doesn’t roll with that, she’s a rebel. Samantha is thinking maybe rebel is not such a bad thing. Then she meets the Garrets, and the change is evident. She turns into a take-charge kind of girl, she’s helpful and funny. I loved the banter she got going on with Jace sometimes. Jase was perfect. He was caring, loving, cute, hot, attentive, just overall amazing. But a little too perfect for me. I mean, I couldn’t find any fault in him, and that’s just not realistic. Sam and Jace times on the roof, in their rooms, out on the beach, were again perfect. A little bit of romance with a dash of teenage hormones and a whole lot of heartfelt words. Even with all the time they spend together, Jace starts feeling left out of Sam’s life. He was totally right in calling her on it, and I like that she accepted being wrong. The Garrets are my favorite family ever: Joel, Alice (rock on!), Jase (