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Covet (Harlequin Teen)

Covet - Melissa Darnell One thing is very clear, The Clann witches and the vampires were never meant to mix. After a very scary meeting with the Vampire Council, Savannah has agreed to break up with Tristan. Not only because she was commanded to, but because she loves Tristan enough to let him go before she accidentally kills him with her surfacing vampire powers. Heartbreak is not the only thing Sav will have to deal with. She’ll have to come to terms with what she is and what she can do as a half-vampire half-witch hybrid. In the mean time, Tristan is not about to give up on them, but the more he searches for a solution the more it seems that there isn’t one. When Clann members start getting murdered, Savannah’s life will be put in danger. Tristan is ready to fight for her, but when his world crashes around his ears, will he still be strong enough? Melissa Darnell’s most awaited sequel to Crave is here! Covet returns with more forbidden romance, more heartache, and more action! Savannah is not the type of heroine I usually fall in love with from the get go. Mostly because she’s a passive kind of heroine, like sometimes I wanted her to be pissed and she wasn’t though the situation demanded it. But that’s just how she is. It’s her resolve that ultimately wins her over to me, how she steels herself during hard times. And boy do I admire her for that. Covet is more about Savannah coming to terms with what she is, and it is something she needs to do alone. She has to deal with these two sides of her heritage and find out exactly who she is in all of this. But worry not! We still get Tristan POV, though there’s less of him in this sequel. Tristan also needed this time alone to learn that rash decisions aren’t always best, and that sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want for the good of the many. Darnell does a great job of illustrating the growth of both characters, while still keeping the action and tensions running high. The biggest lesson these two learn is accepting the card’s life deals you, but also fighting for what you want. The Clann and the Vampire Council still make my blood boil every time they’re mentioned. Their blind hatred for each other is just horrible. I was hoping for a patch up between the two in this sequel, but things got a whole lot of crazy and complicated there at the end. Seriously, the ending was a ball of surprises that kept on rolling and twisting everywhere, and I absolutely loved it. It’s that type of ending that makes your eyes pop out and makes you curse out loud because the next book is not yet available! Also, The Keepers were a new element was added in this sequel, but not fully explained or presented that much. I hope they play a bigger part on the next book!*Arc copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley*