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Evergreen: Mer Tales #2

Evergreen: Mer Tales #2 - Brenda Pandos Evergreen picks up where Everblue left off. Fin and his family have left their home and are on their way to the safe house in Florida. They’re doing their best of keeping their secret, but the lakes/ponds they have to stop at each night are becoming increasingly dangerous. Some have contaminated waters and other have too many humans around who might see them transform. Fin is doing his best to keep in touch with Ash, trying not to lose his mind in the process because the bond they now have makes being apart literally painful for them. However, for all that they love and care for each other, they keep lying to each other.I still have mixed feeling about this sequel and it mostly has to do with these three things: 1) Ash’s attitude (more on that below), 2) the overall defeatist feeling of the book, and 3) some icky characters. This turned out to be one of those books where everything—and I mean e-ve-ry-thing—goes wrong for our heroes. I wouldn’t have minded so much if a little reprieve or two had been woven in, but ever twist and turn brings on worse events. As a reader, I was exhausted and pretty much depressed for Ash and Fin.On top of all the misery there’s Ash’s attitude. Though it irked me sometimes, I got why she continually pined for Fin. It’s a result of the bond. I get it. It doesn’t mean I didn’t get tired of hearing her whine all the time. Also, I was kind of thrown with Ash’s strong dislike and lack of patience with her school friend Georgia. I don’t remember Ash hating her in the first book. Again, I get it that the bond is making Ash crazy for Fin, but going as far as saying that her friend ruined all her plans for the future was a bit harsh. There were also comments like this all around…“There was no way I’d share my Fin time with her. Maybe it was time to finally tell her I had a boyfriend.”Maybe it bothered me so much because she turned into one of those girls. You know, the ones who drop a friend in a second once they get a boyfriend. Ash goes as far as saying she would have to glamour Georgia a boyfriend so that she’d have something to occupy herself with. Seriously? You want to give your friend a fake boyfriend so that she leaves you alone? Not cool.Some new characters appear in this book that I didn’t like at all. Fin’s uncle and cousin come back and seriously bring on the creepy and icky feelings. There’s a mer-princess involved that really got on my nerves, and I mean REALLY. Even Ash’s mom made me want to fling the book away. Add anger to exhaustion from reading everything go wrong, and you see why I have mixed feelings. Overall Fin was the best character, the one that kept me reading. I now think Ash doesn’t deserve all his love, care, and devotion. She needs to grow he hell up. As for the story, the final twists and revelations were great. It was a good mystery to keep through the whole book and I never saw it coming. Even though this sequel and I didn’t click, Mer Tales is still one of my favorite mermaid series and I’ll be waiting for book 3.