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The Lost Prince (Iron Fey)

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa Ethan Chase has lived his life avoiding the fey. Ever since his sister Meghan left him and his family to live as a faery queen, Ethan has wanted nothing to do with them. But even when he ignores them, the fey find ways to make his life miserable and get him into serious trouble. Then a half-fey classmate approaches him. Todd knows Ethan is the brother of the Iron Queen, and is hoping he’ll help with the strange new ghostly fey that are after him. Ethan helps him somewhat, but then the creepy new faeries kidnap Todd and then attack Ethan while he’s with Kenzie, the stubborn girl who won’t leave him alone. Ethan can no longer sit by and let the fey ruin his or anyone’s life. Julie Kagawa brings us back to the magical world of the Iron Fey with the perfect mix of brave new characters and all-time old favorites!After years of avoiding any major contact with the fey, Ethan is dragged into this huge mess involving the fey. Throughout the story we see him grow and change. He’s kept people away because the fey might hurt them, and now that they’ve taken Todd and threatened Kenzie, Ethan rises to the challenge. He won’t let them get hurt, and he’ll do anything to protect them. He has the same drive and spirit that Meghan had, and that protectiveness and desire to help others is there in Ethan too. Sadly, Ethan wouldn’t like to be compared to his sister. He still resents her for leaving, and he hates Ash for taking her. I’m hoping some serious family time is in order in future books.Kenzie is a force of nature. Ethan doesn’t want her to get into his fey troubles, but she won’t take no for an answer. She was pretty dang annoying at first, but soon enough she won me over. First, because she rocks Ethan’s world just by staying and being persistent and not letting him deal with all of the fey craziness alone. And second, she’s freaking fearless in the face of the unknown! Literally the unknown because she doesn’t have the Sight like Ethan does. Regardless, she is in awe of the fey and this whole new world she’s discovered and Ethan is suddenly afraid of losing Kenzie to the fey too.Talking about the fey, there is one gorgeous silver haired rule breaker I want to talk about. Keirran! His ice-blue eyes are as intense as his father’s, and his friendly demeanor is exactly like his mother’s. Like his parents, he’s after an impossible love, but he has enough stubbornness in him that I know he’ll make it work! Keirran has been curious about his human family since forever, and now that his uncle is there he can’t pass up the opportunity to meet and help him. Even if it means breaking a few rules. I was very happy to see a humor streak in him, and having Razor as his pet sidekick cracked me up. As a child of Iron, Winter, and summer, the extent of Keirran’s powers blew my mind. These mighty heroes aren’t the only driving force in the book. Old characters are back. Meghan, Ash, Grim, Glitch, Razor, and…Robin Goodfellow. Yes! Puck is back! I swear I did a fist pump every time one of them appeared. The Iron Fey is a series that I hold very dear to my heart, and after reading The Lost Prince, I’ve no doubt this will be another Kagawa series that I’ll remember for years to come. Once again, Kagawa captivated me with an exciting plot, beautiful world building, and an interesting new cast. Those who’ve read The Iron Fey series will remember the fading of faeries was a serious problem in the Nevernever. Well, Kagawa has picked up on that issue in this new series, and I have to say it works beautifully. The forgotten are deadly new fey that are fighting for their survival, but in the process are killing off other fey. The Courts aren’t aware but once they do, the possibility of another war is certain.Those final chapters kept me wanting to both turn the pages faster, yet not read faster because I knew it was ending. I didn’t want to let go of this amazing new world. However, the final reasons didn’t make much sense to me. I couldn’t fully understand Keirran’s reasoning. The Lady’s methods are killing off fey and yet Keirran can see it as survival? I guess he’s a better person than I am. Or just too naïve and innocent? Also, Ethan and Kenzie think they are safe to return to their old lives, but they should know better. I know things will become clearer and even more tangled (if that makes sense) in the following books…books which I’ll be waiting for very, very impatiently.