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Touch of Power (Healer)

Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder Avry could never see a child suffer for long, and healing them only meant she had to run away and hide again, but she would do it if it meant saving them. That’s where the story begins, with Avry healing a child and being captured. After years on the run she knows this is finally the end. Then a handsome rogue and his group of men rescue her and ask for her help in healing their prince, who is dying from the plague that decimated the entire realm. Healing a plague victim means giving up her life since she won’t be able to heal herself from that. A price Avry would gladly pay if only Prince Ryne was worthy. As they travel across the land, Avry will find things she thought lost forever. Things like friendship, family, love and even a possible cure.Avry is an amazing addition to Maria’s notable cast of characters from the other series. She’s stubborn, brave, and as a healer she has this natural drive to care and save people. I thought it was very original the way the healer role is taken. Usually in fiction healers might fight their magic depleted and become physically tired, but to actually transfer the wounds on their bodies! I think that makes the job of healer even more self-sacrificing. Her rescuers: Belen, Vinn, Flea, Quain are a lovable band of merry men. They made all the traveling and camping around in caves bearable. Kerrick’s earth magic was just superb. He’s like the freaking Predator camouflaging in the forest. In fact, the whole magic system is amazing and I hope more mages will appear in the future.Maria V Snyder has won me over before with her wonderful story telling skills, and her ninth novel is not the exception. Once you start reading you will not want to put Touch of Power down. Intriguing plot, likable characters, and a unique fantasy world, will hold your attention for hours! Touch of Power is just the beginning of what I know will be an amazing trilogy.*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*