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Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder Scent of Magic picks up right where Touch of Power left us, with Avry and Kerrick recently reunited but still on the run from Tohon. Now that people believe she’s dead Avry wants to use that to her advantage. She wants to infiltrate Estrid army’s camp, and learn all she can before Ryne arrives with his own troops. But it means separating from Kerrick for who knows how long. As fate would have it, it turns out to be a long time indeed. Kerricks meets with Ryne only to hear the kingdoms in the north have been invaded by the northern tribes, it is now up to Kerrick to stop them. Avry has a hard time keeping her identity secret in the war camp, and with Tohon’s spies infiltrating the camp it isn’t easy to tell friend from foe. In this riveting sequel to the Healer Series, Maria V. Snyder brings on the action, the humor, and the romance to whole new levels. With both Avry and Kerrick’s POV in the mix, this book is seriously unputdownable. Avry is as resourceful and clever as ever. One thing I remember loving from Snyder’s Study Series was the ‘army humor’ and the close bonds between the characters. And that happens here too, as Avry has to win the troops and the other sergeants trust as she trains them. But though she shows a brave face to the world she’s also scared of Tohon and keeps having nightmares about him. She knows she’ll be in big trouble if he ever finds her again. I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when the narrative suddenly changed to Kerrick’s POV. I squealed a bit, swooned a bit, and I think it made this sequel that much more exhilarating. The only bit that I didn’t like, is that the timelines don’t match. Like, for example, on one side we leave Avry on day four of her adventure, but when it switches to Kerrick he’s still on day two, and so on. It took a little brainwork to keep the timelines straight, but honestly, I was way into the story for it to become a major bother. Anyways, Kerrick was just awesome in this book. He’s brave, and just, and still learning that just because he orders it to be so, it doesn’t become so. Haha. Dany and Zila certainly are a handful. Secondary characters worth mentioning, aside from the regular crew of the first book, are: Ursan and Saul, two sergeants of Estrid’s army who become friends with Avry. Dany, who disobeys Kerrick but turns out to be a great asset with the northern barbarians. And Great-Aunt Yasmin, because at ninety she still kicks ass. A lot happened in this sequel, lots of things put in motion than I’m sure will be touched upon in the next book—like the northern tribes strange magic, and the Skeleton King on the south, but a whole bunch of other things. That ending chapter...Well first, it left me reeling. I could not believe that twist. I’m talking jaw dropping, cursing out loud, and reading the paragraph five times kind of event. I did not see that coming and for a moment I thought everything was lost. Then the ending-ending, meaning the very last page, broke my heart. Waiting for book three is going to be torture!*Arc copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley*